The Best Kitchen Layouts

Whatever your size or layout of your kitchen, there are always steps which you can take to maximise your space. We explore a range of kitchen layouts, and how you can make the most of them.



One of the most versatile layouts, this is where two runs of units are fitted along two adjacent walls, creating an L shape and the traditional ?working triangle?. Try to include as much workspace as possible and incorporate adequate lighting with a mix of task lights and overhead pendants or spots. A bank of tall units housing built-in appliances will maximise every inch while enhancing a streamlined look.



Another popular layout, with three walls of cabinets creating a U shape, this is ideal for families with young children, as the cooking zone can be kept away from walkways, with an oven and hob at the centre and sink and fridge at either end, it?s a really ergonomic way to work. Allow for 2m in the centre and if the space is large enough, add an island or trolley for additional workspace or storage.



This is usually made up of two runs of cabinetry that run parallel to each other from opposite sides and is the most practical use of space in a long, narrow room. The golden rule is to make sure there is at least 120cm between facing units, so you can open doors and drawers easily. You can break up the look with feature doors or open shelving while lift-up doors on wall units will take the eye upwards, creating the illusion of space. You can also have single galleys, with one single length of cabinets, if space is seriously limited.



Whether you have a large open-plan space or a generous U or L shape, an island unit can provide extra room for prepping, cooking, sitting and storage. Decide whether you want yours to include appliances and sink, as electrics and plumbing will need to planned accordingly, and consider modular hobs for a mix and match approach to cooking with induction, gas, wok hob, teppanyaki, deep fryer and griddle.

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